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Connecting Energetically with the Land? Why do it? Is it Important?

Listening to Sandra Ingerman's recent podcast on working with the land got me in a contemplative mood about whether it was in fact important to connect with the land, and if so how should we do it and when should we do it.

Shamanic traditions speak of the “Web of Life” where all things are connected. This means that every living thing on this planet has a spirit and this includes the land. We are part of nature, nature is part of us and we are all one with life.

The land in particular is regarded as having profound wisdom and healing properties. By aligning with the land, it is believed that it can be possible to gain access to this ancient wisdom. But alternatively, by not aligning with, or honouring the land, can lead to misfortunes and illness. is full of stories of the great misfortunes that can befall the person that does not treat the land with the respect it deserves and in particular fairy forts and fairy trees.

So what does it mean to honour the land? At its most basic, honouring the land means treating the land with care and respect. If you are visiting a particular area, ask permission before entering. Don’t always assume that you are welcome. Before you enter somewhere new, approach with reverence. Recognise that you are stepping into a space that’s steeped in ancestral energy and wisdom. To ask permission, quiet the mind, tap into the energy of land and ask if it is ok for you to enter and trust your intuition to guide you. Pay attention to any signs, feelings, or sensations that may indicate whether it is appropriate to enter or if there are any specific instructions or requests. Please do listen to what comes up. I have ignored these warnings at my peril and have been shown under no uncertain terms that I wasn’t suppose to be there. Things like being attacked by insect bites, nettle stings, branches in the eyes have all shown me that I was entering a space where I was not welcome or simply, the land was telling me that I should have asked permission first.

So once you have been provided with permission to enter, you now need to consider showing gratitude and appreciation. Part of my shamanic work involves working with the plants and bushes. As part of my training we were always told to firstly, ask permission before taking anything (and actually as an aside NEVER take anything from an area deemed to be sacred space). So approach the plant, hold it and connect in with the plant’s spirit. You will know intuitively how to do this but I always, introduce myself and tell the plant why I need some of her leaves (a bit of flattery always helps too), then I only take as much as I need and I always leave something in return. This can be fruit, nuts etc (but always something that the surrounding wildlife can use). NEVER leave plastic or something non-biodegradable, this is extremely damaging from a physical and energetic perspective. And don’t get me started on the things people hang on fairy trees. If in doubt, just leave one strand of your hair and your gratitude.

If you don’t intend foraging and just intend to have a wander around, just vocalising your thanks is sufficient.

So for those of us who are holding ceremonies on the land or any other type of activity, notwithstanding that you have received permission to enter the land, it is always so very important to let the land know of your intention. A few days before, just visit the land and the communicate your intention. This is again showing respect for the land but also the spirit of the land and the ancestors there, know what to expect and it may very well, work to your benefit. Having high vibrational energies at an event is as important as the planning of the event itself, and can really make or break any event.

A lovely friend of mine, is moving house and she has visited the place she is hoping to move to, separately to viewing the house. To connect in with the land and to ask permission to live in the area. She has also asked permission of the land she is currently on to leave. This is such a beautiful show of respect and honour that she is bound to be successful in her move.

Once on the land, if you can at all sit for a moment and allowing the energy and the rhythm of the land to wash over you. Allow this energy to enter and merge with your energy field. Embrace the interconnectedness of the web of life.

In this time where we are all becoming so disconnected, it is a wonderful practice to embrace this practice of land connecting. It opens the potential for access to the deep ancestral wisdom of the land for healing and guidance to occur and to nurture a deeper spiritual connection.

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