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Connecting with Imbolg/Brigid energies

Brigid Connection

One of the first guides who ever came to me as I stepped on to my shamanic path was Brigid. She came to me as the crone, a lady of the forest with twigs and feathers in her hair. I've been doing my best to step in to that energy ever since. I think Im doing a good job as you will see from the beautiful felt doll in the pictures that my very talented friend made of of me.

The thing I love about Brigid is that she has so much dept and is so multi faceted that everyone seems to resonate with some small part of her.

There are a lot of articles going around about the "true" date of her feast day/Imbolc but what I think is being lost is the fact that these beautiful energies grow on us, they ebb and flow. From my daily walks I have seen, heard, felt and smelt these energies coming through for weeks now. Even through the heavy frost and cold a walk in the forest will show you beautiful green shoots coming through and the smell of wild garlic.

I know everyone loves a good list so here are some ways to enjoy these gorgeous energies.

1. Walk in Nature - Always top of my list for everything. Walk consciously. Try to do this regularly and make friends with your area. The more you get used to it the more you will be able to tap in to the beautiful subtle changes.

2. Create/Update your Altar. Each turn of the medicine wheel is an opportunity to revisit your altar. Brigid is the goddess of fire and water so consider how this can be reflected in your altar. Bring nature in, flowers, twigs, leaves, stones. Go with what is rising within you.

3. Spring Clean - Dust, declutter and cleanse your energetic space. Open your windows. This will really lift the energies and bring a lighter energy in.

4. Feed the birds - bringing nature in to your space is a sure way of giving yourself the opportunity to connect with it.

5. Plant bulbs -there are plenty of bulbs that can be planted at this time of year (per Lilies, Liatris, Tulips. Daffodils, Eucomis). No better way to connect with the energies of the medicine wheel than getting your hands dirty.

6. Be Kind to yourself - liminal times can be draining so mind yourself

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