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Experience the healing power of nature with my locally sourced, and ethically foraged Hawthorn blossom essence! Each bottle contains the pure essence of Hawthorn blossoms, handpicked with care and permission from my locallty. 🌿✨

Carefully picked at the peak of Bealtaine energy.

Why choose Hawthorn Blossom Essence?

🌸Heart Healing: Hawthorn helps with all sorts of heart ache. She holds and minds us in this pain so we can start to truly heal at a soul level

🌸Emotional Balance & Grounding: This essence helps soothe stress and enhances emotional well-being, connecting you deeply with your inner peace. Hawthorn helps us sit in stillness to connect inward for peace & clarity

🌸Spiritual Healing: Embrace spiritual renewal as Hawthorn opens your heart to receive love and wisdom. Hawthorn vibrates at the resonance of true love so connecting with this frequency activates oxytocin allowing us to become more connected to others.

👉 How to Use:

To find out your correct dosage I would recommend either connecting with the medicine or using a pendulum.

Add the redommended drops to your water, tea, or under the tongue allowing you to feel the gentle, nurturing support of Hawthorn as part of your daily wellness ritual.

🛑Important note - Product contains alcohol as a preservative

Cost is €25 & €3.99p&p

Hawthorn Blossom Tincture 120ml

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