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Image by Dmitry Sumar

Shamanic Extraction

Shamanic Extraction involves the removal of energetic/spiritual intrusions/blockages that live within a clients energy field and affect their life in a negative way. Symptoms of energetic instructions can include illness or localized pain or discomfort. The energy is in a place it does not belong and is causing illness, pain or discomfort.

Types of misplaced energy could be from emotional states which are stored in the body. E.g. Stress is known to cause backaches and ulcers, anger can sit in the stomach for the individual experiencing it or like a pain the back from the recipient of the anger. Other types could be energy left over from old injuries or past life occurrences.

As with all Shamanic Healing practices, there are a number of ways to clear Shamanic extractions and can include Shamanic journey to the chakras to identify the cause of problems, the use of sound and vibration tools to bring to the surface the intrusion and hands on healing.

Shamanic Extraction Cost is €60 (Duration approximately 1 hour)

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