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Ama Deus Reiki

Ama Deus (meaning “I Love God”) is an ancient healing modality of the Guarani Indians of the Brazilian rainforest. Ama Deus is a powerful energy-based shamanic healing system that uses God’s love and a series of
ancient symbols as vehicles for the energy transmission.
Although similar in some ways to Reiki, the Ama Deus symbols are inserted into the clients' auric field and are designed for more specific requirements than those used in Reiki.

What does a Healing Session with Ama Deus Reiki look like?

Similar to a Reiki healing session, during an Ama Deus Reiki treatment, the client lies fully clothed on a plinth.
Most of the techniques are visualised with the Third Eye but the work can also be done using a hands on-approach. I will then intuitively move over the clients body to remove and clear energetic blockages where needed to bring about balance and remove the potential for “dis-ease” of the body and mind.
Part of my healing sessions with Ama Deus Reiki also involves the use of rattles, sound bowls and smoke of the sacred Palo Santo tree.

In Person Ama Deus Reiki Treatment Cost is €60

(Duration approximately 1 hour)

How Amadeus Reiki Can Help

Healing for Self and Others
Healing for Animals, Birds & Plants
Assisting departed Souls during their transition back to Spiritual Beingness
Recollection of Past Lives
Helping Babies make a smooth transition into the world
Supporting World Leaders in important decisions
Psychic Protection/Self-Defense

Physical Healing

Distance Healing
Healing for Mother Earth
Purification of food, water,
medicines, etc
Journeying to YOUR Akashic Records
Receiving a Spiritual Gift on your Birthday
Healing the Earth

Dispelling Negative Energy

Emotional Healing

Healing for Emergencies
Assisting those nearing their transition from the Earthly Plane
Physical and emotional healing
of the heart
Supporting World Leaders
Receiving Spiritual Information in your dreams

Cleansing/Protecting your home

Gaining Wisdom & Insight through dreams and Improving Mental Clarity
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