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Ancestral Connection/Healing

You will know if Ancestral Healing is for you if :

  • You are feeling deep emotions such as shame, guilt fear or trauma, yet there is no discernible reason for this

  • You are feeling called to heal core wounds and inherited ancestral trauma in your lineage

  • You are done with dysfunctional patterns in relationships and in your life that are not logically linked to anything that has occurred in your own past

Just as we hold physical aspects of our ancestors in our DNA, so too do we hold the memory of those wounds that have travelled up the ancestral line which will continue to do so until they are healed.

Ancestral Healing Cost is €120

What Happens in an Ancestral Healing Session?

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The aim of these healing sessions to not only to help you understand and heal core family trauma impacting you, and your family (past, present and future) but also to develop a relationship with your ancestral guides.  This is a beautiful relationship that once you understand can and will provide you with so much comfort , support and wisdom for the rest of your life.  There is so much talk about trauma we have inherited from our ancestors, but we have also inherited beautiful gifts both physical and energetic. So it is so lovely for you to connect with your ancestors to understand this.  

So we will start the session with a journey to connect you with your ancestral guides. This can be a really deep, insightful and emotive experience for both you and your ancestors. Its important to note that your ancestors like all your guides are with you always and are just waiting for you to reach out to connect. Its a really beautiful connection as its a powerful gesture of acknowledgement and love, which is so appreciated by your ancestors.  

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The remainder of the session will be dedicated to healing the core family trauma, which again will be done via Shamanic journey and ritual.

This is a beautiful, powerful and insightful work not just for yourself but for your entire family tree. Remember your ancestors have chosen you, long before you were even born to come here and perform this work and they are so proud of you now that you are doing it and so am I.

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