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Shamanic Healing

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What is Shamanic Healing?

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Shamanic Healing is the oldest known spiritual healing practice. Having survived many millennia, Shamanic Healing has remained with mankind as a healing modality up to modern times.

Traditionally the role of the shaman was to interact with Spirit on behalf of their tribe and travel to the non-ordinary relatives to gain wisdom, insight, direction and healing to benefit the community.

Nowadays, the client pays a more active role in the healing and the Shamanic Practitioner will lead the client in a Shamanic journey, which is much more empowering as the client is responsible for regaining their own personal power.


Through Shamanic journey, the client will develop a deep relationship with their spirit guides and in the future will be able to call on them at any time for guidance, wisdom and direction when working with clients.

This relationship is strengthened through constant interaction and working with gratitude. The stronger the relationship with spirit guides, the more they work on our behalf. The Shamanic Practitioner is an energy worker, working at a deep level to understand and heal the root causes of problems with the understanding that all “dis-ease” whether it be of the mind, body or spirit, typically originates from the client being out of balance with themselves. This imbalance is a result of soul loss/loss of the vital essence. It is a deep belief of the Shamanic soul loss occurs when trauma occurs, and, a part of our vital essence/soul leaves the body in order to protect itself and survive the experience. What constitutes trauma will change from one person to the next and therefore what one person may perceive as trauma may not be so for another. Soul loss, can also be experienced through the ancestral line and can even be carried from our past lives.

Firstly, I will present the client with the treatment plan. Once we are in agreement the treatment can commence.

The treatment itself at its essence, will involve Shamanic Journey, a central practice in Shamanic Healing. Using either a Shamanic drum or rattle, the Shamanic practitioner will lead the client in a Shamanic journey to either the upper, middle, or lower world (the Other Worlds). The journey itself will offer insight and guidance into the issues being experienced by the client and also deep healing.

Depending on the situation, it may be necessary for the client to undergo two or more Shamanic journeys in a session, and that is why, typically a Shamanic healing session can last up to two hours.
I will then perform a hands-on healing session with the client using Ama Deus Shamanic Healing and a healing through sound and vibration using sound bowls, rattles drums and gongs.

Below are a number of Shamanic Healing modalities I offer. Its important to note that nothing is black and white and very often difficulties experienced can span a number of the areas below.

What does a Typical Shamanic Session look like?

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